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​Our Business Model


While other agencies provide a service, Execom provides a solution. From recruitment services to outsourced payroll and other financial services, our experienced team will always find the best solution to fit your needs — and your budget. Our flexible business model allows us to customise personalised solutions for your business — no matter the scale — with our commitment to full transparency allowing you involvement in the process from beginning to end until you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

​Our Commitment to Excellence


Henry Ford once said: ‘Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.’ As something which is deeply embedded in our organisational culture, you cannot have Execom without excellence. Since our foundation in 1985, we have used a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure our processes are continually being updated to the highest possible levels of excellence, meaning  Execom clients will always benefit from the most up-to-date and professional support and expertise available within the industry.

​Our Long-Term Focus & Ethical Business Practice


Execom is in it for the long-haul. At the core of our business approach is a commitment to ethical and socially responsible practice, meaning full compliance with all current labour and tax laws as well as a broader emphasis on the society in which we operate. Our excellent reputation is based on a strongly process-driven and highly professional business structure, and we always make a point of treating our customers, contractors and suppliers with the utmost respect. It is this long-term focus that allows Execom to remain consistently stable, maintaining its position at the forefront of this highly competitive industry.

Our Truly Professional Staff


The recruitment and financial services industry is constantly undergoing operational changes as new players and platforms continue to emerge. And while our ability to adapt means we are always on par with the industry best, our expert staff understand there is no technological replacement for human relationships. Our experienced team of professionals is what truly sets Execom apart, as their focus on personal connections and personalised service means clients always receive ongoing support up to and beyond successful placement, with real-time support and follow-up always available.

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